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CampBass Rules & Regulations

  1. Treat each other and their property, with respect.

  2. Follow all directions.

  3. Be courteous and respectful of camp leader at all times.

  4. No video games are allowed at Camp Bass.

  5. No smoking, drinking, or drugs will be tolerated.

  6. No food or drinks in the rooms at any time.

  7. No garlic spray or dipping dye.

  8. Do not leave designated areas.

  9. Follow all rules set by boat captain.

  10. Be in your room by 9:30 PM, Lights out at 10:00PM

  11. No unruly behavior in the rooms or boats. Respect the property of Lake Fork Marina. Boats must be maintained at all times. We will not tolerate dangerous or destructive behavior. Repair or replacement fees will be charged to the youth/guardian for any damage.

  12. Girls are to remain in girls rooms at all times and boys are to remain in boys rooms at all times. The only exception is to congregate in the common areas.

  13. A lost key should be reported to your camp leader immediately. Remember to keep your room locked at all times. Your personal items are your responsibility and Camp Bass will not be responsible for any loss or damage.

  14. You are not allowed to roam Lake Fork Marina on your own. Lake Fork Marina is not an insulated environment and therefore is subject to crime.

  15. Telephone calls: Since camp is intended to be a developmental and independent experience for campers, we discourage incoming and outgoing camper calls. This does not apply to emergency calls.

  16. Any camper whose conduct is not in accordance with the rules of Camp Bass will be asked to return home at the guardian’s expense. The director reserves the right to send home any individual who is not willing to further the interest of the camp community. The camper/guardian will not receive a refund.

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